5 Advantages of Invisalign® over Traditional Braces

Invisalign, Dr. Derek Brown, Winning Smiles Orthodontics, Bowie and Hyattsville, MDAre you in need of braces to correct gapped teeth, crooked teeth, an overbite, or other orthodontic characteristic, but are put off at the idea of having uncomfortable and noticeable metal in your mouth during the length of your treatment? Invisalign® may be a better option for you, as it has many advantages over traditional braces.

To start with, Invisalign® is reported to be more comfortable than traditional braces.  When wearing braces, the patient has to become used to feeling the metal attached to their teeth, which may occasionally cause raw or sore spots on the inside of the cheeks or lips. When being treated with Invisalign® however, the patient wears aligners that are smooth and custom made for each individual in order to ensure comfort.

While individuals wearing braces need to avoid certain foods during the duration of their treatment, as they may get stuck in the wires or even break them, patients with Invisalign® have no food restrictions! This is because you simply take the aligners out while eating and drinking, quickly brush, and then put the aligners back in.

A large complaint that people have with traditional braces is the fact that they are so noticeable.  The fact that Invisalign® uses clear aligners that essentially mold to your teeth means they are nearly invisible!

As mentioned before, a huge benefit to Invisalign® is the fact that they are removable. While braces are worn 24/7 during the duration of the treatment, Invisalign® aligners can be taken out in order to eat, brush, and floss. Trying to brush and floss around traditional braces is a huge hassle, and sometimes leads to tooth decay or staining since it is so difficult to get a good clean. Easier brushing and flossing by removing your aligners means that you can take optimal care of your teeth during the duration of your treatment.

If you believe Invisalign® may be right for you, call to set up a free consultation with Dr. Derek E. Brown of Winning Smiles Orthodontics. Winning Smiles Orthodontics has offices located in Hyattsville and Bowie, MD, and is proud to offer services to those in and around Washington, DC; Bowie, MD; Hyattsville, MD; Prince George’s County; Montgomery County; and Anne Arundel County.

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