Here at Winning Smiles Orthodontics, we take great pride in the treatment offered to our patients, and we always like to hear their personal stories about how we helped improve their smile.

Find out why so many people in and around Washington, DC; Bowie, MD; Hyattsville, MD; Prince George’s County; Montgomery County; and Anne Arundel County enjoy Winning Smiles Orthodontics as their professional orthodontist. Here are some testimonials from some of our patients.

Interviewer : We have Rosalyn here today who just had her braces taken off. We want to say congratulations for her Winning Smiles. Ok, Rosalyn if you want to say a few things?

Patient : From the beginning the office staff was very warm, welcoming, and friendly. That’s something I look for as a client looks at whenever I go into any professional office, whether it’s a dentist’s or doctor’s office. That helps me decide whether or not to continue looking for the services I need here. Dr. Brown has been very welcoming and warm. He has answered all my questions throughout the entire process from the beginning to the end. I’m going to admit that at first I was very upset with my mom when she told me that I needed braces because I didn’t think I needed them. But now that I’ve finished having them on for two years, and I have my braces off, and I am very satisfied with everything. I think my teeth look much better than they originally did so I just want to say thank you.

Interviewer : Thank you very much. We’re glad to have you as a patient.

Interviewer : We have Miss Carol here who had her braces removed today, and we just would like to know how your treatment went with while you were receiving your Winning Smile.

Patient : My treatment here at Winning Smile was fantastic . I couldn’t think of a better place to have your braces put on. The staff here is very professional. During my first consultation, they explained everything I needed to know about getting braces and answered any questions I had about cleaning them and taking care of them. Each time I came in the staff was really friendly; they greeted me with a smile. I always went straight back for my treatment. Dr. Brown is awesome; I can’t be happier. As you can see, I can’t stop smiling. The treatment here was just fantastic. I mean, my daughters were the first ones to get their braces. I have two girls. They had their braces first. And when I saw how well taken care of they were, I decided to get braces myself. So now we all have Winning Smiles. So like I said I can’t be happier. I recommend Winning Smiles and Dr. Brown. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because now I think I look fabulous.

Interviewer : Thank you so much. And congratulations on receiving your Winning Smile.

Patient: Thank you.

Interviewer : We have Derquan’s mom here who has just gotten his braces taken off today. And Ms. Washington if you could just let us know how Daquan’s visits were, and how you liked the office while he was in treatment?

Patient: Daquan has had braces for seven or eight years now. Throughout the whole term, the staff has been great and accommodating for my schedule. Dr. Brown has been awesome. I love the results.

Interviewer : We have Mrs. Scott here whose daughter is having her braces taken off today. And we just wanted you to let us know how your daughter’s treatment went with Winning Smiles.

Patient : My daughter’s treatment went very well. I’m actually surprised that she’s getting her braces off so fast. It didn’t dawn on me that she was getting them off today. But, it’s a good thing. I like coming to Dr. Brown. My son had his braces here also, so it was natural for my daughter to get her braces here as well. The staff is always polite; any time I call they make the necessary adjustments for me. I would recommend Dr. Brown to anyone who needs their braces or any kind of orthodontic needs. My daughter has been able to express herself in her braces because she’s been able to pick out the different colors for her rubber bands and things like that. So, I think overall it has been a very good experience, and we will come back again if we need to.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. And congratulations on your daughter receiving her Winning Smile today.

Patient: Thank you, we will celebrate.

Interviewer : Thank you very much.