Why are people’s teeth crooked?
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The most common reason why people’s teeth grow in crooked is due to heredity. Crooked teeth can present themselves as looking rotated, twisted, double-rowed, or overlapping. Other reasons why teeth can become crooked include premature loss of baby teeth, irregularly-shaped teeth or jaws, and bad oral habits such as thumb-sucking and tongue thrusting.

Why should you correct crooked teeth?

The most common reason why people choose to correct their crooked teeth is due to a desire for cosmetic improvement. Many studies have found that people who have straighter teeth develop more self-confidence in their smiles. You can never understate the value of a person having great self-confidence.

Establishing a proper bite can also dramatically improve a patients’ dental health. Dentists have noted for years that crooked teeth can:

  • Hinder proper oral hygiene, which increases the risk of tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis;
  • Interfere with proper chewing;
  • Strain the teeth, jaws, and facial muscles.

Correcting one’s teeth with orthodontics has never been as convenient as it is today. There are so many options for treatment including traditional metal braces, clear porcelain braces, and Invisalign. Most treatments are completed in one to two years nowadays, making it easier than ever before to get beautiful straight teeth and a great smile.

Winning Smiles Orthodontics can certainly help you to achieve all of your smile goals! We look forward to helping you or your child achieve the bite and smile that will last a lifetime. Give us a call at our convenient Bowie or Hyattsville office to book your free initial consultation.

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